Monday, April 15, 2013

my AP parenting style

I didn't know what attachment parenting was 20 years ago when I had my daughter. All I knew was that breastfeeding was important, I wanted her close to me and that she was going to sleep with me. Now after being a mom for 20 years my style of AP parenting has changed a little and adjusted with each child. Remember I have a child with SPD who has an aversion to be comforted and while we co slept for the first 2 years she just doesn't sleep much therefore putting my co sleeping belief on hold for a year or so while we just struggled to get any sleep at all. And now with baby jack my attachment belief is very strong and we are co sleeping, breastfeeding on demand at 18 months and baby wearing when he will let us. There was also my 15 year old that breastfed for 39/40 months and co sleeps as a teenager when she needs to. I am going to share the guidelines I believe in and you may or may not agree. Here they are..

1) a gentle and peaceful birth (however you get this is up to you) and immediate breastfeeding at birth
2) breastfeeding on demand for at least the first year, not always an option for everyone and I would never judge a mama who can't or chooses not to breastfeed. it can be very hard and not everyone has a support system
3) co sleeping however much or little you feel like.
4) baby wearing (especially when you have more than one child) and my babies all loved being close when they were tiny, less after age 2 but we switched to a backpack and continued to wear them
5) crying it out is not an option for us (although I have been pressured into trying this)
6) vaccines are a personal choice and I would never judge anyone who does or doesn't! (we delay and do selective vaccines)
7) pacifiers are also a personal choice, my thought is if your breastfeeding and work during the day when your baby is little a paci can help that sucking need while your away. again this is my opinion and it's based on my own experiences.
8)  gentle discipline ( we redirect, figure out the need and try to address)
9) we try to provide a loving, nurturing environment where our children feel secure that we are present and responsive to their needs

these are my guidelines  every day is a new challenge and the best I can do is love my LO's with all I have and be there for them 24/7..they are based on the 8 principles of AP parenting.

I will follow this post up with a more detailed post about each subject. ❤

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