Monday, April 8, 2013

yes please take my appendix but leave the baby..

My pregnancy with jack was a difficult one from the beginning. I suffered a miscarriage in late January early February 2011 and then became pregnant the first time we had sex after the miscarriage (no joke). My doctor was amazed but skeptical that I was actually pregnant. So for almost 6 weeks I had my blood drawn every 48 hours to check that dang hormone level to see if it was rising. It was but the process was ridiculous, I had a toddler that wasn't sleeping and a full time job, I did not have time to drive to the hospital every other day to have my blood taken. Then finally at 6 weeks we had an ultrasound to confirm and there it was my little baby had hung on and was still fighting! My stepdaughter was with me and we were both so excited! I actually ended up being pregnant almost a year consecutive.Yikes! The next few months were busy, easy and just flew by. I felt pretty good, no morning sickness, very tired but I was used to that by this point with Emma. Life was very busy with all of Emma's therapy, speech and endless doctor's appointments. It really helped the weeks go by fast though. When I was 35 weeks and 4 days our car broke and we had to put it in the shop for a few days, not a big deal right? We only have one car because my husband rides the bus  to work. I worked until almost 7pm watching kids that night. At around 8 or so I began having contractions every 3-5 minutes followed by diarrhea. We called L & D and they said we should just come get checked to be safe. Then I started vomiting before we even left, my 19 year old came and picked us up to drive us across town to the hospital that had the NICU not the birth center I was planning on delivering at. I made it the entire car ride without vomiting or shitting my pants.Seriously a miracle! Then we get to labor and delivery and get put in a room with 4-6 beds all surrounded by curtains  I start vomiting again and the pain is unreal, remember this is my 4th pregnancy so I'm not a newbie at the pain of childbirth. This pain was different and wouldn't stop. This goes on for a few hours, I see a OB then another as they try to figure out what is going on. I'm sure I scared a few mamas in labor while they waited to be checked and admitted. They should have put me in a private room to be miserable, nobody wants to vomit every 5 minutes in front of strangers for hours. Finally after 3 hours I get a morphine drip, and a visit from a surgeon. I started to freak out, why did I need a surgeon??? You have to know that I am terrified of surgery and had never had major surgery as an adult.The doctor sent in the ultrasound technician who spent 45 minutes looking around my giant belly before he decided that it was my appendix that was the source of my pain and misery. Not my sweet baby, just my appendix that had never been a problem before. Around 1am the hot surgeon came back (he may not have been hot it could have been the morphine) and said they were going to take my appendix out in a hour. I started to freak a little more, what about the baby? NO they would not be taking the baby out unless something goes wrong during surgery. Why was my question, the answer 35 weeks and 4 days does not make for a done baby. WTF?!?! So I sat there and was just in shock, appendix out, baby in for another 3-4 weeks, I guess your the freaking doctor if you say so. I found out later that this surgery could not be done laparoscopically so they were going to cut me open and take my tiny appendix out without taking my son out??? At this point I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, so as they prepared me for surgery I prayed that everything would go alright and both of us would be safe. I called my mom sobbing and she said she would be there when I woke up. The fear was taking over and thankfully the sedative they gave me calmed my anxiety. Leaving my husband to get wheeled into the scary basement for surgery was hard but I don't remember much of that except he was going to my private room to get some sleep while I was in surgery. The last thing I remember was how many people were in the operating room, I think there was 15+, a team for me and baby if he had to be delivered. 

I woke up surrounded by my husband, mother, pastor and my nurse. The first thing I did was make sure the baby was alright, he was fine. Then I went back to sleep for a few hours. Now this is where it gets ridiculous, they had me on a pain drip, the kind you push yourself. I had never had surgery before so I wasn't sure how much pain I should be in but I was sure it was too much. I woke up the first time around 9am, around 4pm my nurse tried to get me to get out of bed. I cried and screamed in pain. I couldn't move without feeling like I was going to rip in half, and my instincts told me something was wrong. At 5pm my new nurse checked my pain pump and realized that it was broken so I hadn't been getting ANY FUCKING PAIN MEDS!!! My new nurse quickly fixed that and I was finally a little more comfortable. I had some more visitors but don't really remember. The next day my nurse offered me some apple juice, HECK YES couldn't remember the last thing I had eaten or drank. Almost instantly I felt sick again. Then the worst few hours of my life happened, I had an accident in my bed and freaked out! My husband helped me to the bathroom and held me up while I was going to the bathroom (love that man). Then a few hours later when my bitch nurse was helping me and I was crying and just plain exhausted she told me "suck it up you just had surgery not a baby". Then she wiped my ass raw with one of those brown paper towels (DRY) I wish I was joking that this had not happened and I was never treated this way. I should tell you that my mother and ex mother in law both work for this healthcare company. I just cried and felt defeated for hours, my husband was at home with emma and I just wanted to crawl in a hole away from that mean nurse. I didn't ask for any more help to the bathroom just sucked it up and got up myself. Painful and probably not good for me or baby but there was no way I was asking her for anything. This would be the longest 4 days stuck in that awful place.alone while my husband took care of our daughter at home. Finally I was released at 8pm after 5 days and was so glad to be home. I took a week off from my daycare, I know not enough but with my unpaid maternity leave coming I needed the income. So now I am home still pregnant and can I just say that having an 8 pound whatever oz baby inside when you have a surgical incision on one side of your giant belly is ridiculous. He kicked me all the time and I would literally scream out in pain from these kicks I were sure payback for letting him see the light and leaving him in there. The next 3 weeks were miserable and I was scared I would have to have another surgery to get this little man out because I didn't feel strong enough to deliver him. 

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  1. will finish in the next few days with his birth story..