Monday, February 11, 2013

booby sick

As this week starts we are sick again..I have a small childcare in my home so sickness seems to always be present in some form. But the past few weeks it's me that has been sick with of all things mastitis. Its such a non threatening word but brings such misery and PAIN!! Oh my poor boobies have been through the ringer the past month! I want to cry every time he wants to nurse but have been powering through because I know its what we both need. All the people who have told me to wean him can kiss my ass (except my mom) he is not ready! He is my last baby and even though I've spent something like almost 8 years of my life breastfeeding my babies I'm just not ready to stop yet and he certainly is not! I truly believe in child led weaning and will wait until he is ready and yes that means he's 7 then that's what will happen..

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