Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year, new fun!

Sitting here watching my kids play, fight and then fight some more while I try to drink coffee and pretend I don't hear the fighting I am thinking of ways to stop the fighting. Emma screams and jack throws things, this is what siblings do and as normal as I know this phase is I hate it. Doesn't Emma know that we had Jack so she would have a playmate?!? And must jack take every toy she has and chase her with it?

The answer is yes because they are 2 & 5. I'm the one who needs to teach them to love each other and have fun together. Wait what? I'm bad at sharing and have seriously lost my ability to enjoy anything after a stressful few months. So my goals this year are to get down and dirty with them. Play, laugh, sing, and all the stuff they love to do. I read somewhere that children laugh 400 times a day, how much happier would we be if we laughed that much? 

Here's to lots of breastfeeding, coloring, Lego building, reading and playing with buzz lightyear! Happy New Year! 

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