Monday, March 11, 2013

SPD is a real thing..

My 4 year old daughter has SPD/SID (sensory processing disorder/ sensory integration disorder) She also has speech apraxia and a sleep disorder. We have been getting services through early intervention for almost 3 years now for her speech and today was supposed to be our evaluation to test her out of services. Her speech has improved 100% and we are so happy about that. But her sensory issues have been a constant struggle and the school district has told us they don't consider her SPD a "thing". Real nice thing to say to a mother who has spent the last 3 years trying to figure out what my child's deal was. But I didn't say anything each time I was told this just nodded and screamed inside you are so WRONG! Today in great detail explained to these two women what our daily struggles are, how I had to watch my daughter writhe on the floor for a good 5 minutes after I put her pants on. I did break down a little but it was a stressful morning trying to get my kids out of the house by 9 am when they don't usually wake up until almost 10. And to my surprise the ladies were not only sympathetic to Emma's situation but helped put in place a plan going forward that will enable us to meet with 2 schools, both principals and all 6 kindergarten teachers to find the right fit. This is a huge relief and I am so grateful that they think Emma is as amazing as we do! >3

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