Friday, March 8, 2013

Waiting rooms

After a month of everyone being sick I have spent a few hours in waiting rooms and have seen enough to make me avoid them forever. People are freaks, me included I just try and limit my freaky behavior to my own home and the car with my children. Not even my husband gets to see my freaky side very often. And by freaky I mean weird, goofy, silly sometimes inappropriate self. I save that for my children, it helps get through long car rides, endless errands and boring meetings. That being said when I am in a waiting room and alone please don't feel like you should speak to me as if we have known each other forever. If I am alone (which happens so rarely) I don't want to talk about what is in the magazine that your reading and I don't enjoy the sex noises your making at the food you are clearly not eating right now. And after the first time I ignore you please don't say that you hope I feel better or that i should try the vitamins you are taking.or that they helped your constipation. Really do I look friendly to you? I may not have had very much adult interaction lately but discussing your bodily functions is the last thing I want to hear about. be careful or I will in detail tell you about my son's diaper, daughter's food allergy or my sex life. Maybe I am overacting but all I wanted was the 5-7 minutes I earned by being sick enough to go to the doctor alone ansd instead I got stuck with the waiting room leech that wouldn't get off....

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